By partnering with STEMM-Up you can create an accessible workplace, find job-ready candidates for open positions, and support people with disabilities in your community. 

Full Support for an Accessible Workplace

When you work with STEMM-Up, you’re also connected to free services to support your business from Michigan Rehabilitation Services (MRS).

The MRS Business Network Division can help all your employees thrive, regardless of their needs and skillsets. Together, you can create a truly inclusive and productive workplace culture.

That starts with a free workplace review to find out the best ways to help you and your employees.  

From there, we’ll design a personalized plan that fits your needs. Together, the steps below will help you recruit, train, and retain qualified individuals, saving you time and money. 

Why Should You Partner with STEMM-Up? 

  • Hire skilled and motivated jobseekers 
  • Create an accessible workplace for everyone 
  • Retain and develop your employees 
  • Support jobseekers with disabilities in your community 
  • Learn more ADA guidelines 
  • Understand and Follow ADA Requirements

    The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) provides guidelines on how to guarantee people with disabilities have the same opportunities in the workplace. We can provide education, customized awareness training, and a full site assessment to ensure you are compliant.

  • Identify and Implement Reasonable Accommodations

    The right supports can make your employees happier and more productive. Our services include job/worksite analysis to optimize conditions for all candidates. We’ll help you design ergonomic workspaces, and connect workers with behavioral strategies or assistive technology. 

  • Retain and Develop Your Workers

    Training on how to evaluate and improve workers’ health will help you keep all employees happy, productive, and most importantly safe. We can even give you advice on helping employees improve their skills and advance along their career path. 

  • Find Dedicated and Qualified Jobseekers

    The right environment will draw employees in on its own. But we can also help you find candidates to fill your open positions. By working with STEMM-Up, you get priority access to a pool of qualified job candidates that are actively seeking positions with companies like yours. 

Working with STEMM-Up

STEMM-Up is a job readiness program that combines learning modules, mentorship, and real-world skill building to help jobseekers prepare for careers in STEMM. You can support these jobseekers at every stage of the process, from helping them decide on a career path, to hiring jobseekers that have completed the program.

Find the Right Role for Your Business 

There are multiple ways your business can support STEMM-Up. You can find the level of participation that’s right for you: 

  • Offer remote or in-person site visits 
  • Provide guest speakers 
  • Contribute space for workplace readiness training 
  • Provide opportunities for job shadowing and paid or unpaid internships 
  • Hire STEMM-Up graduates 

No matter how you choose to get involved, you’ll still get access to all the accessibility supports listed above, and the chance to hire jobseekers.  

Do you work in STEMM?
Do you want to create a diverse and inclusive workplace?
Do you want to hire qualified candidates and help people with disabilities?
Partner with STEMM-Up!

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