This policy governs the commentary on all digital platforms which represent Project STEMM-Up.

STEMM-Up values feedback from all staff and participants and believes that social media functions best as an open forum. Constructive feedback and honest accounts are welcomed. However, some comments on public-facing digital platforms may be deemed inadmissible when their content does not constitute civil discourse or otherwise violates our content policy. In such cases actions may be taken to prevent further harm, including removing comments and/or banning users.

Inadmissible Comments

Inadmissible comments are comments that have been determined by STEMM-Up to: 

  • contain obscene language or other graphic content;  
  • contain abusive, hateful, or defamatory language aimed towards any specific people or person, especially based on gender, race, religion, color, national origin, ability, or sexual orientation; 
  • violate intellectual property rights or reveal personal or confidential information; 
  • impersonate an individual or an entity in a misleading or deceptive manner; 
  • constitute harassment or display malicious or threatening intent; 
  • and/or willfully misrepresent STEMM-Up or its affiliated institutions (Michigan State University, Michigan Rehabilitation Services, Southern University Baton-Rouge, or Louisiana Rehabilitation Services). 

Procedure for Comments of Concern

As soon as they are identified, comments of concern are brought to the attention of STEMM-Up communications staff. If deemed inadmissible, the comment(s) will be handled as follows: 

  • 1

    Comment(s) documented and saved to an archive. 

  • 2

    Comment(s) deleted. 

  • 3

    Commentor informed and/or blocked depending on the content of the comment(s). 

  • 4

    Comment(s) may be reported to the Institutional Review Board, overseeing the STEMM-Up project, depending on the content of the comment(s). 

Harassment and Threat Policy  

STEMM-Up has a zero-tolerance policy for online harassment. Harassment refers to words or behavior that threatens, intimidates, or demeans a person. Harassment is unwanted, uninvited, and unwelcome and causes nuisance, alarm, or substantial emotional distress without any legitimate purpose. Any commentors that incite violence or promote hate based on identity or vulnerability will be blocked immediately.  

If administrators believe that comments demonstrate a credible threat to individuals or property, relevant authorities will be notified.